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    Dance Insurance Quotes: What To Consider

    Being a dancer or running a studio comes with many responsibilities that you may not otherwise think of. One of these responsibilities has to do with insurance. Basically, every dancer and dance instructor should be equipped with good insurance. However, it can be difficult to get good dance insurance quotes. Sometimes it is so difficult that dancers and their instructors will forego getting insurance altogether. Not only can this be super costly down the line, but it can also get you in legal hot water if you’re caught.

    So how do you begin looking for the right quotes? Naturally, you will approach various agents that offer dance insurance and hope to get some good information out of them. But how do you know that you are getting good information? Consider the following when you are gathering your quotes and information.

    Do They Usually Deal With Athletes?

    The best companies to start with are those that offer insurance tailored to athletes, which you are if you are a dancer. These insurance companies are used to working with the unique needs of athletes, especially when it comes to their physical health. They can offer plans that are tailored specifically to what you do. If you get injured, you can expect your hospital bills to be quite spendy. A good insurance plan will think ahead regarding this and make sure that you are fully or at least mostly covered.

    Don’t be put off by higher premiums. If the insurance is good enough, then you will certainly be saving money in the long run.

    How Professional Are They?

    When you talk to an agent, take into consideration how he or she talks to you. You do not want to sign on for even the cheapest insurance if you feel you’re being condescended to or treated like you are less than because you are dancer.

    Professionalism comes in many forms. It is not just in the way they talk to you or even look at you if you meet in person. You want an insurance company that responds quickly to you. You also want somebody who has a good reputation. Keep in mind that paying for these things will cost a little more than not. When it comes to your overall health and physicality, however, it is absolutely worth it.

    What Do They Cover?

    Just because an agency says that they will give you dancer’s insurance doesn’t mean they are the best deal. You need to get into the nitty-gritty and see exactly what they cover. You want an agency that not only covers your health expenditures, but also covers any liability that you may be responsible for in a professional setting. An agency that does not cover these things is one that does not understand your unique needs as a dancer. Move on.

    When collecting your dance insurance quotes, keep the above three points in mind. They will help you save money and get the full protection that you need both as a dancer and as a human being.